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YSP-30B Feature :

The YSP-30B hydraulic scissors type cutter head is ideal for close quarter work and bucket truck applications where the open jaw cutter can easily grab and cut the cables.

Scissors type cutting gives clean cut with a minimal amount of cable distortion, which allows for easy connector installation on cables.

The YSP-30B remote head requires an external, high pressure, 68.5Mpa ( 10,000 PSI ) pumping source.

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EP-510HC Feature :

The EP-510HC is a remote C-head that requires an external 68.5Mpa or 10,000 PSI pumping source. It accepts all U type dies used with conventional 12 ton compression tools.

The larger jaw opening of 42mm accepts conductors and mid-span sleeve connections up to 750KCM.

Consult your connector manufacturer for exact cable, connector and die combinations.

This tool was designed to accommodate U-type dies for applying compression fittings to copper, aluminum, and ACSR conductor.

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HPE-2A Feature :

The HPE-2A single acting gasoline engine driven hydraulic pump is the most sophisticated engine pump on today’s market. It builds pressure to 68.5Mpa automatically and returns engine RPM to an idle.

Wired remote control allows operator complete control. Oil volume is large enough to operate a 60 ton class single acting compression head.

The FUJI HEAVY`S four cycle engine EH09-2D is used with this Pump.
This engine meets emission control in accordance with EPA Phase2 and CARB Tier2.
And this engine improves fuel cost by 15% in comparison with former EY08D engine on the HPE-1A.

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