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Rubber 25kV Electrical Insulating Gloves

Rubber 25kV Electrical Insulating Gloves


25kV insulating gloves with Power operation is initiated production in nation by according to IEC60903-2002. Its function index come up to advanced world standards, became to new & amp, good protection product with power operating.

  1. It can be applied to below AC 25kV and 30kV for operating place.
  2. In the original package, from production date, within 24 months the quality guaranteed after it is used, preventive test must be done every 6 months, can be used only after checking.
  3. It can be careful fill gas to check before using. Don’t use if have any damaged.
  4. After using it was stored by rational, keep to clean and dry. To prevent acid, alkali and oil other corrode matter etc. Far away hot source.

Mechanical requirements (sampling test)

  • Average tensile strength : ≥16 MPa
  • Average elongation at break :
  • Puncture resistance : ≥18N/mm
  • Tension set : ≤15 %

Ageing requirements (sampling test)
Conditioning of the gloves in an air oven at 70 ± 2 °C for 168 hours :

  • The elongation at break values must be at least equal to 80% of those of non conditioned gloves.
  • The tension set must not exceed 15%
  • The gloves must pass the proof test voltage and withstand test voltage.

Thermal requirements (sampling test)

  • Resistance to low temperature :
    conditioning of gloves for 1 hour at -25 ± 3°C. The tests are satisfactory if no tearing, breaking or cracking after folding is visible on the cuff and if the gloves pass the proof test voltage and withstand test voltage.
  • Flame retardancy test :
    Application of a flame for 10 seconds at a finger tip. The test is satisfactory if, after 55 seconds, the flame has not reached the marker located 55mm away at the other end.

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